Nonlinear Transmission Lines

The Modern Alternative to Vacuum-based RF Sources

Metamagnetics' ferrimagnetic non-linear transmission lines (NLTLs) are an all solid-state solution comprised of a planar design and compact footprint. They offer a superior solution and true alternative to bulky and costly vacuum-based high power radio frequency (HPRF) sources. Unlike traditional HPRF systems, Metamagnetics’ ferrimagnetic NLTLs are drastically smaller and lightweight; enabling employment of practical HPRF systems on ground vehicles and aircraft that achieve various size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) efficiencies. Signals can be tailored to more effectively and dynamically disrupt a variety of targets.

High Power Handling

Power Handling

Capable of generating over 10 mW power.
Frequency Agility

Frequency Agility

The output frequency of the NLTL can be altered in real-time, enabling a single sytem to be used for a broad range of targets and operational scenarios.
Mobility / Versatility


Metamagnetics’ use of cost-effective, solid-state componentry increases reliability and eliminates large vacuum components utilized in legacy HPRF system designs.