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Products Overview

 Metamagnetics’ Products 



Metamagnetics develops and markets advanced RF and microwave solutions to enhance the performance and effectiveness of mission-critical security,
surveillance and communication systems. Our mission is to increase efficiency and performance while reducing size, weight and cost parameters of radar, communication and power supply systems. All of our materials and devices are manufactured domestically for value-added security.

Our product offerings include:

  • Auto-Tune Filter™
    Components that provide protection against multiple incoming electromagnetic interference and electronic warfare threats by automatically selecting and limiting signals to a safe power level.
  • Self-Biased Circulators and Isolators
    90% smaller and highly shock and vibration tolerant when compared to their traditional counterparts, these components provide maximum isolation without compromising insertion loss for microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies.
  • Ferrite Phase Shifters
    Low profile, high power handling microstrip ferrite phase shifters for cost effective phased arrays.
  • High Power Microwave Components
    Materials and components for a wide array of applications ranging from counter-IED applications to jamming, pulsed power generation and conditioning.
  • Microwave Ferrite Filters
    Low profile, high power handling, tunable microstrip ferrite filters for systems operating in dense electromagnetic environments.