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High Power Microwave Components

High Power Microwave Components 


Metamagnetics designs and manufactures high power microwave (HPM) materials and components for a wide range of industry applications. While traditional HPM generators require heavy, sophisticated systems with little tolerance for shock and vibration, Metamagnetics has completely removed vacuum chamber components to make these systems less costly, more compact and durable.

While traditional components operate at fixed or limited frequencies, our NLTLs are tunable, broadening their applications and functionality. Metamagnetics NLTLs enable systems to be used for multiple applications, rather than requiring separate application-specific systems and components.

Key Features:

  • Higher power output at a wider range of frequencies
  • Operate without the use of vacuum components
  • Reduced weight, fabrication and maintenance costs
  • Compact and lightweight compared to traditional devices

To inquire about our high power microwave components, please contact us at (617) 833-2950.