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Microwave Ferrite Filters

Microwave Ferrite Filters


Metamagnetics designs and manufactures tunable microwave ferrite filters that offer a unique balance of performance characteristics unmatched by other commercially available technologies. Metamagnetics’ microwave ferrite filters perform beyond other established magnetic and dielectric filter technologies by using novel planar device designs—high quality ferrite materials that are manufactured in-house—and novel in-house developed tuning methods. In addition, we develop and manufacture high efficiency, low power driver circuitry for our tunable microwave ferrite filters.

The drivers can be designed to address the most stringent tuning accuracy, response time and jitter specification, enabling our filters to realize a wide range of response types. Metamagnetics’ filters can be designed to meet tuning range selectivity, bandwidth, spurious response and other requirements.

These planar, low cost, radiation-tolerant and highly reliable devices offer low insertion loss and high power handling capability in applications where rapid active electronic tunability of the filter response is necessary.

Metamagnetics’ microwave ferrite filters are designed using novel magnetic materials that exhibit low loss, allowing for high power handling capability and reduced power consumption for microwave and millimeter-wave operation. Our filters are ideally suited for size, weight and power (SWaP) sensitive systems and platforms in commercial, space and military applications. Metamagnetics has the manufacturing and cost structures in place to fill both small and large orders, and our team works hard to ensure the final product meets all of your design specifications.

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