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High Power Ferrite Phase Shifters

High Power Ferrite Phase Shifters

One of Metamagnetics' Ferrite Phase Shifters

Metamagnetics’ ferrite phase shifters are expertly designed with low insertion loss and high power handling capability to satisfy the requirements of current and next-generation phased array systems. Available in surface mount or connectorized packages, components are manufactured to fit the most demanding array spacing requirements without sacrificing performance.

Phase shifters can be deployed in surface, shipboard or airborne platforms at low cost because they do not require hermetic packaging as they are naturally radiation hardened. Metamagnetics’ phase shifters are inherently analog devices, so high bit resolution can be achieved without a linear scale up of losses, a disadvantage of digital semiconductor devices.

Metamagnetics also develops and manufactures high efficiency, low power driver circuitry. The drivers can be designed to address the most stringent tuning accuracy, response time and jitter specifications. Continuously driven or latched operation can be realized to meet the power consumption requirements of a wide range of platforms. The result is a broadband, low loss, low cost and high power handling component.

The combination of high peak and average power handling capability with low insertion loss and low power consumption make Metamagnetics’ phase shifters well suited for both passive and corporate feed phased arrays and other radars. Metamagnetics has the manufacturing and cost structures in place to fill both small and large orders, and our team works diligently to ensure your product is expertly designed to meet all specifications.


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