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Power Electronics Cores

Power Electronics Cores

Our newest development in power core technology, Metamagnetics HI-EFF 13 material is a low-loss power ferrite designed for use in high frequency applications. Our innovative core technology enables highly efficient, next-generation power supplies and converters. HI-EFF 13 offers increase performance across a broad range of systems, as well as improved stability and reduced life degradation of power components.

By operating at higher frequencies than traditional power cores, our materials can greatly reduce size, weight, cost and power consumption. Our team works with you to design custom power cores, tailored to meet the most rigorous specifications. We offer domestic fabrication and the capability to fill both large and small orders, including machining cores to meet most size and shape requirements. Our cores are suitable for new systems or drop-in replacements in transformers, switch mode power supplies, inductors and DC to DC converters.

Key Features:

• Increased operating frequency range

• Increased saturation magnetization

• Reduced core losses

• Increased temperature stability


The video to the left shows core loss of our HI-EFF 13 material (top) compared with a competitor’s high-frequency material (bottom) over a 30-minute time lapse. Both cores are driven using a 3MHz sinusoid at 10mT. The HI-EFF 13 core exhibits a peak temperature half that of the competitors core. Therefore, not only does our core heat up more slowly, but it remains cooler at half the temperature of the competition’s core by the end of the experiment.


Please direct any sales or informational inquiries regarding our power electronics cores to (617) 833-2950.