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Auto-Tune Filters™

Auto-Tune Filters™

A next-generation radio frequency (RF) filter to mitigate RF interference.


Traditional RF filters employ a search and respond approach in which the interfering signal is detected by the system and a countermeasure is deployed to reduce the power of the offending signal. This requires sophisticated software that causes a lag from when the signal hits to when the system reacts. By then, serious damage may have already occurred. The Auto-Tune Filter does not require an active searching system to detect interference and will react within nanoseconds.


Typical RF filters are only able to mitigate one tone per device. In complex electronmagnetic environments, a large number of signals at various frequencies from a numerous locations can cause distress. This rigidity leaves systems designers to attempt to predict the number of signals their devices will encounter in the field. Due to the increasing complexity of the electronic warfare environment, this task is next to impossible. The Auto-Tune Filter can simultaneously handle an infinite number of tones due to a revolutionary approach to handling RF interference. No longer is the user limited to how many, which frequency and what direction is the interference coming from.


Many countermeasures to RF interference are able to prevent harmful signals from damaging your system at the cost of hindering desired signals necessary to communication efforts. Auto-Tune Filters selectively counterract offending high power signals without interuptting normal lines of communication.


Auto-Tune Filters are completely passive devices, requiring no electricity to perform their function. Composed of many inert materials, this device can survive the toughest environmental conditions in land, sea, air and space applications.

Key Features:

  • Automatically adapts to filter interference above a preset power level without attenuating desired below threshold signals
  • Fast response time and excellent selectivity
  • Multi octave bandwidths with high linearity
  • Completely passive and suitable for phased array application
  • Less than 50 nanoseconds to attenuate a high power signal to half its original power level
  • Adaptable across multiple platforms for land, sea or air solutions
  • No limitation on number of signals that can be attenuated in band, including intermods
The Metamagnetics Auto-Tune Filter™ provides a broadband, fast-response, simple solution that will benefit any RF receiveing device. This solution declutters the electromagnetic spectrum at a fraction of the cost.

We currently offer fully packaged devices for S-, C- and X-band, with each device covering its entire band respectively. Threshold levels of limiting can be tailored to your application.


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