Advanced Microwave/mm-wave Circulator and Isolator Solutions

Self-biased Circulators/Isolators for Next-generation Radar and 5G Applications

Metamagnetics has developed a new substrate that has enabled our robust, high-performance, and miniaturized self-biased RF/microwave circulators and isolators. These innovative devices enable developers to produce high power, broadband radar systems that achieve their goals for size, weight, power and cost reductions (SWaP-C), while also enabling a variety of novel system design and surface mount installation approaches.

Our innovative material is created by aligning its magnetic grains and then processing it at high temperatures to create an ultra-dense compact that is free of defects and voids—and which ultimately acts as a magnet itself. Using this material as the basis for our self-biased RF/microwave circulators and isolators, Metamagnetics has been able to demonstrate 90% reduction in size and weight over traditional microstrip permanent magnet isolators and circulators. Offering planar and monolithic construction, our innovative devices also withstand levels of shock and vibration that far exceed those attainable by microstrip permanent magnet solutions whose magnets are known to detach under harsh conditions, such as missile launches.

Supply chain risks are greatly reduced in our domestically produced isolators and circulators by using readily available raw materials, rather than rare-earth metals.


Metamagnetics’s self-biased circulators and isolators have a high frequency range and are ideal for use in a wide variety of commercial and military applications, including radar, wireless, and satellite communications. Examples of these applications include military target tracking, automotive intelligent cruise control and collision avoidance, 5G high capacity, gigabit-speed wireless and WiFi systems, and satellite-based surface water and ocean topography.


Competitively priced

Small and Light

These planar devices are not only 90% lighter than legacy devices, they save space and enable novel layout options.
No Compromise in Performance

No Compromise in Performance

These innovative devices offer high isolation and low insertion loss from Ku-band and above.
High Shock and Vibration Resistance

High Shock and Vibration Resistance

Our circulators and isolators have been tested to survive up to 50,000 g. This eliminates the risk of component failure in missiles and small caliber projectiles as well as satellite systems.

Self-biased High Frequency Circulators/Isolators

BW Insertion
I/O Production or
Hex Layout Size
Dimension C and D
Square Layout Size
Dimension A and B
Circulator 27-29 full 0.8 15 4 GSG chip+wire Production -25 to +65 -55 to +145 0.060" 0.120"    
Circulator 33-37 full 0.8 15 4 GSG chip+wire Production -25 to +65 -55 to +145 0.060" 0.120"    
Circulator or Isolator 38.4-40 full 1.2 15 4 SMT Production -25 to +55 -55 to +145     0.080" 0.070"
Circulator or Isolator 26.5-40 up to 15% Call for info
Circulator or Isolator 65-110 up to 20% Call for info
Circulator or Isolator 26.6-29.2 full 1.2 15 10 SMT Production -40 to +85 -55 to +145     0.120" 0.120"
Circulator 34-36 full 1.5 15 10 MS chip+wire Production -40 to +85 -55 to +145     0.110" 0.100"
Circulator or Isolator 26.5-40 up to 20% Call for info


Side by side comparison of a traditional magnet-biased circulator (left) next to our self-biased planar monolithic circulator (right). Note that without a biasing magnet our circulator sits completely flat and is exceptionally smaller. A phased array radar system can have 5,000 to 10,000 of these components, making the Metamagnetics solution very attractive for achieving SWaP-C goals.