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Test and Measurement Services

Test and Measurement Services

Our facilities are equipped to offer a wide range of test, prototype and measurement services for your materials and devices. Our team of experts will use their knowledge to provide you with a better understanding of the data and actionable insights to improve and enhance the capabilities of your materials and devices.

Material Characterization

  • Vibrating sample magnetometry
  • Ferromagnetic resonance spectrometry
  • Complex permeability and permittivity spectroscopy
    (0.1 to 50 GHz)’
  • Power core loss characterization (0.1 to 10 MHz)
  • Optical particle size analysis (100 to 1000 nm)
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • X-ray diffractometry

Device Characterization

  • Vector network analysis (0.1 to 50 GHz)
  • Impedance analysis (10 kHz to 100 MHz)
  • Spectrum analysis (100 Hz to 22 GHz)
  • Pulsed and continuous wave power analysis (S and X band)
  • Probe station and microstrip/stripline test fixtures

Materials and Device Fabrication

  • Compaction presses with and without application of
    magnetic fields
  • Vacuum and gas flow furnaces
  • Machining and polishing
  • Powder processing
  • Photolithography
  • Wire bonding


To inquire about our test and measurement services, please call us at (617) 833-2950.