Tap into our expert staff and fully-equipped facility for value-added service.

Metamagnetics is fully-equipped and ready to offer a wide range of RF/microwave design, prototyping, testing, characterization, fabrication and measurement services for your materials and RF/microwave devices and subsystems. Our team of highly educated experts will use their extensive knowledge and fully-equipped lab to provide you with complete data and actionable insights to improve and enhance the capabilities of your materials and devices. We can also offer help with design through full commercialization of your RF/microwave components, subsystems, and system-level ideas.


Design Services

Metamagnetics leverages the core competencies of our expert staff to provide custom design and prototyping services. We're focused on the optimization of your critical microwave devices such as antennas, circulators, phase shifters and filters, and take great pride in working collaboratively with you to provide responsive, flexible application engineering assistance to ensure each of your devices meets or exceeds all your RF/microwave component and system-level needs.


Test and Measurement Services

  • Material Characterization:
    • Vibrating sample magnetometry
    • Ferromagnetic resonance spectrometry
    • Complex permeability and permittivity spectroscopy (0.1 to 40 GHz)
    • Power core loss characterization (0.1 to 10 MHz)
  • Device Characterization:
    • Vector network analysis (0.1 to 40 GHz)
    • Spectrum analysis (100 Hz to 22 GHz)
    • Pulsed and continuous wave power analysis (S and X band)
    • Probe station and microstrip/stripline test fixtures


Materials and Device Fabrication Services

  • Compaction presses with and without application of magnetic fields
  • Vacuum and gas flow furnaces
  • Machining and polishing
  • Powder processing
  • Photolithography
  • Wire bonding


We look forward to talking with you about improving the efficiency and performance of your current or future security or defense system.


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