microwave receiver emi solution - Auto-tune Filter

Auto-tune Filters™

Auto-tune Filters™ are innovative RF filters that mitigate EMI interference with the utmost efficiency.

A superior alternative to limiters and filters, Metamagnetics’ Auto-tune Filters™ (AtFs) provide a broadband, fast-response, simple solution that protects receivers from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and ensures that signals-of-interest are detected.

These devices have a power threshold level which no one signal can exceed. If one or more signals exceeds the threshold, the Auto-tune Filter™ automatically limits it by attenuating the signal. Simultaneously, desired signals operating below the power threshold pass through the system unaltered. 


Durable Autotune Filter


Auto-tune Filters™ are completely passive devices, requiring no electricity to perform their function. Containing no active elements, this device can survive the toughest environmental conditions in land, sea, air and space applications.
Adaptable Autotune Filter


Auto-tune Filters™ automatically adapt to mitigate interferers above a preset power level without attenuating desired below threshold signals at other frequencies.
Fast Autotune Filter


Auto-tune Filters™ require less than 50 nanoseconds to attenuate a high power signal to half its original power level.


Metamagnetics Auto-tune Filter™ (AtF) Overview




Video Demonstrates Real-time Impact of Interference on an Unprotected System vs. One Protected by an Auto-tune Filter™ (AtF)