The Autotune Filter (AtF) is a novel passive electromagnetic interference device. It provides suppression of multiple simultaneous interfering signals while small signals within its instantaneous operating band pass through unaffected. This capability effectively enhances the dynamic range of receivers, enabling them to process a much wider power range of input signals than previously. This technical [...]
To conceal his personal use of a GPS-tracked company vehicle, a New Jersey man plugged a $30.00 GPS jammer into his cigarette lighter and drove along an interstate that passed Newark International Airport. The jammer interfered with GPS signals trying to reach the air-traffic control tower and caused a major disruption of flight tracking information and activated backup systems. This event in 2013 [...]
A superior alternative to limiters and filters, Metamagnetics' Auto-tune Filters™ have a power level which signals cannot exceed. The Auto-tune Filter™ is designed to limit signals by attenuating them down to safe levels. Applications include electronic warfare, radar systems, and microwave radio communication systems, wireless networks and satcom.   Download Now &nbs [...]
Self-biased rf/microwave circulators/isolators
Download our latest data sheet on our high frequency, 26 to 40 GHz (Ka-band), self-biased RF/Microwave circulators/isolators. It’s a quick guide to learning the key low cost, small size, and light weight advantages of our planar monolithic surface mount technology for your radar and microwave backhaul systems. These isolators and circulators excel over all other traditional permanent magnet technology [...]
Tech Brief Explains How to Achieve SWaP-C in Ka-band Radar Systems Using Planar Monolithic Surface Mount Isolators/Circulators Instead of Permanent Magnet Technology
RF/microwave circulators/isolators are among the most numerous signal chain components used in high frequency radar systems. They provide necessary non-reciprocal signal chain functions, i.e., signals entering at a certain port can only propagate clockwise, but not counterclockwise. This property is critical in a radar system because it allows signals generated by the transmitter to be sent to the [...]